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Aboriginal Trad. (North Arnhem Land): Djedbangari (‘Djapani’) from Australian Aboriginal Folk Songs (Columbia World Library of Folk and Primitive [sic!] Music).


Ba-enzélé (Trad.) ‘Lullaby 1’ from Music of the Ba-Benzélé Pygmies (UNESCO, 1965)


Göteborgs Brechtensemble: Alabama Song (Brecht/Weill, arr. Andersson, Avanti AVLP 06, 1979); lead vocals: Liliane Håkansson, guitar: Bengt Blomgren, keyboard: Bernt Andersson.


Jan Ling & Märta Ramsten: The Gärdeby Folk Melody: A Musical Migrant (1985).


Rev. D.C. Rice: A Sure Foundation ‘ There Is Honey In The Rock’ (c 1928)


Stormy Six: ‘Panorama’ (Leddi) from Al Volo (1982); also viewable as notation.


Vietnam (Trad): ‘Do Doc Do Ngang’ (Boat Song) from Music from Vietnam & Cambodia (1999)

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