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Copyright Information

Google have mechanised identification of recorded works used in videos posted by YouTube users. While this practice may serve a purpose in combatting the illegal duplication and redistribution of copyrighted work, it is irrelevant to the ‘edutainment’ clips I produce that relate to the topics I have taught and researched since 1971: Popular Music Analysis, Popular Music History, Semiotics of Music in the Mass Media, etc. (see my CV). These subjects are of central importance in the understanding of meanings and ideologies circulating in today’s world. It is altogether impossible to disseminate information about these topics without citing extracts from copyrighted work that demonstrate or exemplify essential points of method and content.

Notice to copyright holders

No clip listed on this website contains any infringement of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. Every such clip citing the work of other authors conforms to all criteria determining the fair and/or scholarly use of citation according to U.S. Federal Law (Sections 107-118 of the Copyright Act; title 17, U.S. Code), as well as to the precedent concerning the transformative nature of work citing other works (Campbell v. Acuff-Rose Music Inc, 510 U.S. 569; 1994). If, as copyright holder, you wish to contest the posting of any material included in a recorded file on this website, please send me a short email message so that I can put you in contact with 'my lawyer’ (he co-authored a large book with me and practises as a senior media lawyer in New York).

YouTube problems

YouTube carpet bombing. YouTube mechanically scans all uploaded videos for potential breaches of copyright. Even if I’m 100% within the law, several of my videos on YouTube have been treated like terrorists: they are either ‘blocked in some countries’ or ‘worldwide’, or flagged as containing ‘matched third-party content’, or they have simply been taken down. I have repeatedly complained to YouTube that their mechanical policing of my edutainment videos contravenes the ‘Fair Use’ provisions made in US law for the dissemination of scholarly, non-profit productions but I have been threatened with total excommunication from YouTube if I persist in vindicating this democratic right and pursuing this educational duty. (Fair use definitions are in the US Federal Code ('Copyright Law of the United States', 2011), §107 (p. 19) and §118 (p. 74) [PDF, government document]; for info on the transformative factor in Fair Use, see here). Most videos listed in this file can be either viewed on, or downloaded from, this site if you click on the relevant link. I have now dumped YouTube altogether and use it no more. They are welcome to ostracise me: I neither want nor need them anyhow. My audiovisual materials are now accessible on this site or on Vimeo. Happy viewing/listening!